We’re a development label – sourcing the trends that will come, finding the leaders of those trends, and developing this emerging talent in every key area to hedge their chances for widespread success. From overall brand development, to fostering relationships with producers and engineers, to recording their new material at 7-star facilities, and then maximizing their exposure across appropriate industry and fan media, events and opportunities, BHiMG is an independent boutique house that makes records.


The Team


Dick Wingate

Dick Wingate    


As a music industry maven and digital entertainment executive, he boasts over three decades of experience in the recorded music and interactive media industries, is a member of the NARAS (Grammys) and an advisory board member of Songza, StudioOne Media, TriPlay (MyMusicCloud), Front Row Networks and, and a board member of Big House Publishing, BHiMG’s affiliated music publishing house. He served at Columbia, PolyGram, Arista and Epic Records in both senior marketing and A&R positions, finding and building the careers of Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Aimee Mann, Eddy Grant, amongst others. Dick commands the team with a deep understanding of the value of comprehensive development for artists, and is the beloved source of much laughter and wisdom to the whole staff.


Christian CedrasChristian Cedras    

Co-Founder/ Managing Partner

Chris has spent his life in music , and across four countries – as artist (bass), booking agent, producer, music publisher – and even in promotions, while working with several major labels on artist campaigns. It’s been his vision to combine an independent music publishing company with a sister indie record label for the past several years, since today’s music environment benefits from synergistic platform strategies, and leverages income strategies for today’s artist and its partner companies. Indeed, BHiMG as sibling to BHP, grew both organically and methodically.  “Upon launching BHP, we came across so much raw talent that we starting ‘helping’ some of the DIY acts grow their music, their brand, and their exposure reach well beyond the scope of what a publisher does. Out of the sheer love for what they were doing, and the possibilities we saw for them, we understood the need for a bridge for these young acts – and so we built one.”


Krista Retto

Krista Retto

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Don’t get Krista started talking about her mission to co-found two music companies, unless you want an earful on how “differently difficult” it is for today’s artists. She certainly knows a thing or two about the change over time though she split her life between corporate and creative – she practically grew up next to her big brother in The Power Station, was a band manager in college, and has produced all sorts of music events throughout her life. She says, “Performing acts are torn in half today if they are to even attempting to succeed — they have to be artists and business people. It’s frankly absurd. It takes a team to create a performing act past a certain level. From the stylist to producer and everyone in between, the collaboration should be unified and non-stop, and it really does take a team. Bands today seem stuck at point B, the business part. The industry is failing the art in artists.”  Krista is an “ex-flute player” and shy to admit her skill on the dun-dun drums, and there has not been a day in her life when she didn’t dance either for fun or professionally, from ballroom to latin to hip-hop to african. Krista breaks into laughter, “I’m a killer cowbell player too, and I’m thusly qualified to land on any track…for what is music without cowbell??”



Xose Mohamdioua



Xose is both the one who bear hugs you the moment you walk into the office and the one who makes even the executive staff jump-to when he enters the room. He has expertise in HR and high-level strategic management, and is fondly labeled “obsessively enamored” with operating efficiency with a four-inch thick operating manual in office to validate the label. Like everyone at BHP and BHiMG, Xose is also an artist in his own right, singing all around the office while he whoops us into a well-oiled machine.


Shane GalvinShane Galvin


Having recently relocated to New York from Ireland, Shane hopped the pond carrying his bag full of work experience in music, television and radio — fifteen years worth. He has been the Story Editor for a leading drama series, has run an independent record label and presented a radio show specializing in playing brand new music and emerging bands. While he executes BHP/BHi’s unique acquisition strategy, an ear-to-the-ground attack plan that keeps Shane on the run, he also knows far too much about obscure groups and one-hit wonders that everyone else has long forgotten about — but we still love the guy. Shane currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife.



Jack Cedras

In-house Therapist

Jack may be only six years old, but his wisdom and love-driven science provides the Big House team with therapeutic playtime, cuddling and long walks in his selfless effort to help the us maintain a balanced work environment. His  non-verbal methods are atypical and groundbreaking, and Jack is often sought out worldwide as a lead therapeutic consultant. He also is occasionally employed as a roadie by BHi’s bands, and is handy as an assistant for accounts receivable. Wearer of many hats (and he can sing pretty well — check out “Pitbull Covers Kingdom Come” on Youtube), Jack is an invaluable family member. If you stop in for a visit, bring carrots, lettuce or beet juice as treats since he actually prefers them over a nice fat sirloin…go figure!